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Foster understanding with creative course development tools

Course & Content Management

With Deetya, teachers can enjoy the flexibility of designing, creating, uploading and curating course content including SCORM, Tin Can, e-text books etc. The cutting-edge content delivery tools with UX personalization allowing them to capture and hold learners’ attention in creative ways. We want to empower teachers to build a community of inspired, engaged and interactive learners. Deetya offers on-demand 24×7 accessibility to course materials so students can learn whenever they want to learn. Students can collaborate over course content with teachers and peers for reviewing, sharing feedback and more. There’s an online content repository for all courses and recorded sessions that can be accessed anytime. Special features such as recommendations for similar content to reinforce learning makes Deetya one of the best platforms to impart effective learning. Deetya’s regional language support enables students to learn in the language they are most comfortable in.

Get used to Deetya in no time


Get comfortable with Deetya from day one with its user-driven interface. Plus, modern, clutter-free and intuitive design ensures smooth navigation and ease of use even for users that are not tech savvy. Integration with different tools on Deetya’s unified platform makes using them simple and effortless. Educators work under constant pressure and stress. Deetya’s logical and intuitive workflow will make it easy for them to understand the next steps and therefore, do more in lesser time. With the role-based dashboards and interface for every stakeholder – student, teacher, parent and admin/manager, manage learning at a glance.

Hassle free management of assignments

Assignments & Projects

Deetya enables teachers to create, share and track assignments at the click of a button saving time and efforts. Through automated reminders of dates and deadlines, teachers and students can both ensure the submissions are done on time without any hassle. This coupled with easy grading and automated reporting, makes management of assignments and projects smooth and less time consuming for faculty. Students can easily communicate with teachers for feedback, guidance or any queries pertaining to the assignments through Deetya without having to wait for each other’s availability at school/college. Working on group prion over group projects was never so convenient and fun!

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Engagement driven lesson delivery

Impactful Lesson Delivery

Schedule and deliver live lecture sessions anytime using the video platforms faculty is comfortable with. Deetya’s comes pre-integrated with Zoom, MS Teams and BigBlueButton. With two-way video conferencing features, even virtual classrooms offer an in-person classroom setting. Features such as automatic attendance capturing and other automated tasks allow teachers to save time in each class. Teachers can also measure student alertness in virtual classrooms. To make lessons more impactful and engagement as well as to test student understanding in real time, Deetya offers tools such as live quizzes, polls, polls, on-media collaborations and more.

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Learning, at your convenience

24×7 Accessibility

Deetya is always at work. So, whenever a student is ready to learn, we’re ready too! Being a cloud platform, anyone with internet connectivity can access Deetya through their computers, laptops or smartphones. Get 24×7 access to courses, schedule, announcements, assignments, reports and more. With Deetya, comes the freedom to complete and submit assignments and projects, anytime within the deadline according to the convenience of students.

Immersive. Engaging. Collaborative

Communication & Community

Enable group/social learning and team skills

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Working in a team is one of the most essential skills to become a successful professional. To get students ready for life, learning with a team or a community is extremely crucial as opposed to learning in silos. Deetya encourages and enables students to collaborate and connect with peers on course subjects, group projects, during lectures as well as in breakout rooms etc. It nurtures social skills among students through peer-to-peer support preparing them for life. It also allows for assignment of mentors to students and conducting mentor-mentee sessions to ensure the needs of every student are met in an institute.

Tests & Assessments

Manage assessments and examinations

Any institute staff or faculty can organising and conducting proctored and non-proctored tests in multiple languages. The assessments can be created using questions banks fed into Deetya’s memory. What’s more – Deetya makes it easy for faculty to assess test performance using automatic answer comparison and check. This ensures faster and accurate grading. If faculty wishes to include assessments within the courses or lessons, that’s possible too with Deetya’s course embedded assessment feature. Schools and colleges also have the flexibility to conduct online and offline examination with online evaluation tools.
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Insightful learning management to help each student excel

Reports & Dashboards

Get empowered to take the right decisions at the right time with Deeta’s insightful reports and dashboards. Map and measure learning outcomes with learning objectives. Get complete view of every student’s performance and growth patterns with 360 degree reports, goal tracking etc. Deetya’s course health reports help faculty and program managers to get a comprehensive overview of active, completed and scheduled courses at a glance. Class health reports help track attendance, class-wise academic performance, participation in co-curricular activities and more. Feedback reports and analytics enable understanding of behavioral patterns and identifying problem areas.

Optimizing learning for every student

Personalized Learning Pathways

Impactful education cannot be achieved with a one-size-fits-all model. Taking into account every student’s learning needs and levels is crucial. Deetya’s personalized learning pathways enables mapping of student learning to application of concepts. Teachers can gauge students’ understanding in live classes as well as post class review, and adapt and improvise their teaching to match their learning levels. Content personalization capability of Deetya allows students to improve in areas where they lack understanding. Creation and tracking of personal goals for each student inspires them to get better and achieve holistic, all-round learning.

Deetya is now ClassLink enabled!

We’re now part of the ClassLink ecosystem. That means, Deetya can be seamlessly integrated with any of ClassLink’s 6000+ partner platforms at the click of a button. We are committed to making educational technology accessible and friendlier for students and teachers to maximise their time and for education leaders to take informed decisions.

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