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“The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” ― J. Krishnamurti

Webinar 7 :: Panchmukhi Shiksha – Revisiting Tradition to Design the Future

Many industry leaders and experts consider the National Educational Policy to be transformational for Indian education. Why so?

To build a sustainable future, we ought to infuse the learnings from our past with the modern developments of today.

And that’s precisely what NEP 2020 proposes to do by advocating holistic development of students.

Panchmukhi Shiksha or Holistic Learning comprising Physical, Aesthetic, Practical, Moral and Intellectual learning was practiced generations ago in India through learning systems such as Gurukul.

The NEP 2020 guidelines upholds the spirit of holistic education through inquiry-based, discovery-based and analysis-based learning integrating it with arts and sports. It says that, “The aim of education will not only be cognitive development, but also building character and creating holistic and well-rounded individuals equipped with the key 21st century skills.”

Our next webinar from the Education for Life webinar series is based on this theme and titled Panchmukhi Shiksha – Revisiting Tradition to Design the Future which will be held on November 26, 2022.

We invite all students, teachers, principals, VCs and all educational leaders to be part of this critical discussion involving the future of the young learners today.

The speakers for this live session will be the leaders in education who have been implementing and promoting holistic learning through various mediums and platforms. Do register now to reserve your seat.

Panchmukhi Shiksha - Revisiting Tradition to Design the Future

Meet The Speakers

Dr. Rajeev Sangal
Dr. Rajeev Sangal
Former Director - lIT BHU, Former Director - IIIT Hyderabad
Prof. Ina Shastri
Prof. Ina Shastri
Vice-Chancellor, Banasthali University
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Moderated by

Prof. Puneet Sharma

Anchor – DD National
Technical Educational Expert
Registrar & Dean Academics – Rajadhani Engineering College, Jaipur

Details of the webinar

Webinar Theme:  Panchmukhi Shiksha – Revisiting Tradition to Design the Future
Date & Day: Saturday, 26 November 2022
Time: 5:00 PM IST