A Building with Four Walls and Tomorrow Inside.

With Deetya’s Smart Class solution, transform any space or classroom into a learning-conducive environment.

Transport students right at the heart of the subject to experience knowledge first-hand. Time traveling to the past to witness history unveil itself,  inviting nature into the classroom to explore it, getting amazed by the way chemicals work by watching the experiments in action and so much more. Deetya’s Digital Smart Class solution enables learning that’s fun, engaging and more importantly, that stays with students. Built for both online, blended and in-person classrooms, the goal of our Smart class is to demystify complicated and abstract subjects through attractive illustrations, 2D and 3D animations, visuals and graphics for faster and better student understanding. Get direct access to any online website or resource for reinforcing the subject knowledge and clarifying doubts.

Why go for Deetya's Digital Smart Class?

Immersive. Engaging. Collaborative
Increase students’ eagerness to attend class with higher attentiveness. Address the needs of both audio, visual and kinesthetic learners
Personalized. Interactive
Engage with students through interactive questions, quizzes and instant assessment for teachers to gauge understanding
Flexible. Robust Learning
Improve in overall academic performance of class and the school

Deetya Digital Smart Class
What's on offer?

Deetya’s Smart Class helps teachers to teach beyond the classroom boundary and to have students learning together across the globe.

Quality Education
Curating and uploading digital content to match syllabus. Thus improving the quality of content delivery
Enhanced Learning
Teaching aids for teachers to invoke learner interest, training of faculty and staff
Single Window
Deetya provides one stop solution for integrated digital classroom, provision of all equipment, accessories and licenses if any
Community Support
Technical support for step-by-step guidance and resources on usage, driven by the strong community

Integrated Classroom beyond

Beyond Boundaries

Discover a New Way of connecting classroom

We have experience in setting up Studio Based Broadcasting. This helps big chain schools, corporates, and other educators to broadcast across the globe from a centralized location. This helps institutes connect faculty and students across geographies, manage faculty shortage, enable knowledge transfer across cultures and communities.

Our Story

How  connected   classroom works

One faculty teaches from the Central Studio which is broadcasted in multiple remote locations. At each location, the co-faculty / class coordinator helps manage the class. In case a student at a remote class has queries, he/she can raise hand by clicking on the clicker (provided to each student). This notifies the faculty in the Central Studio. The faculty can pause and respond to the query. All students across all classrooms can view the interaction between the student and the faculty.

Say hello to the most advanced smart class solution.

Say hello to the most advanced smart class solution.

Learn how Deetya’s smart class can elevate your academic performance.
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