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“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” Ignacio Estrada

Webinar 5 – Physical, Digital, Phygital Learning

The education industry underwent a massive shift during the pandemic. Now as we navigate this post-pandemic world, we are in the process of reinvention of learning.
We have students and teachers who’ve gone through a long learning curve in a short span of time, and who find themselves back in physical learning environments like before.

However, does that mean that we completely do away with technology in learning? That we leave behind the tech-friendliness and digital literacy that we acquired during the pandemic? That’s almost impossible at this point, as every stakeholder in the education sector realize and understand the indispensable role that technology will play in modern education.

The accelerated digitization of education during the pandemic is not a reversible change. In fact, the pandemic only expedited the penetration of technology in learning which was eventually going to happen. The National Education Policy 2020 announced in July 2020 underscores the role of Blended learning.

Therefore, the question we need to ask is not if, but how we can make use of digital learning in education in the most effective and impactful way possible.

Say hello to Phygital Learning!

Phygital learning, also known as blended learning, is a union of physical and digital learning which the experts have realized to be the most effective form of learning, as it combines the best of both worlds.

In-class learning is important for social development of a child, whereas digital learning is important to impart technology literacy and efficiency through smart learning mechanisms.

In August, we are bringing educational and industry experts who’ll discuss this subject at length in the 5th edition of our Education for Life webinar series, titled Physical, Digital, Phygital Learning.

Here are the details:

Physical, Digital, Phygital Learning

Meet The Speakers

Prof. Anand Bhalerao
Prof. Anand Bhalerao
Vice Chancellor, Central University of Rajasthan

Former Principal and Dean, Bharati Vidyapeeth University College of Engineering ,Pune

Prof. (Dr.) Sandeep Sancheti
Prof. (Dr.) Sandeep Sancheti
Vice Chancellor (Provost), Marwadi University, Rajkot

Council Member, The Association of Commonwealth Universities | Former Vice Chancellor | SRM IST Chennai

Sanjay Padode
Sanjay Padode
President Vijaybhoomi University, Chairman of IFIM Institutions

Formely, CEO, Religare Technologies | Promoter, Asian CERC Information Technology Limited | Managing Director, Dataline and Research Technologies Ltd. | Director, DSJ Communications Pvt Ltd

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Moderated by

Prof. Puneet Sharma

Anchor – DD National
Technical Educational Expert
Registrar & Dean Academics – Rajadhani Engineering College, Jaipur

Details of the webinar

Webinar Theme:  Physical, Digital, Phygital Learning
Date & Day: Saturday, 20 August 2022
Time: 5:00 PM IST