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“School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.” Lon Watters

Webinar 2 – Back to School

School bells will start ringing soon. 2-Year long vacation will come to an end.

The pandemic has revolutionised the way we teach and the way our students learn. Formal education system in India, and also globally, is undergoing a dramatic transformation. The COVID pandemic has made us realise that we don’t necessarily need a school or a classroom to impart learning.

We can achieve our primary learning goals if we have an internet connection and a computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone.

However, is that enough?

While we know that online learning is here to stay and we should not discard it completely, we should also be aware of how beneficial in-classroom learning is.

After spending 2 long years away from school, many of us are gearing up to go back to schools in the coming months of May and June. What do schools have to offer in today’s digital-first world?

Understanding today’s curriculum, pedagogy, promoting self-reliance in students, building entrepreneurial culture, vocational education and eliminating the need for coaching/tuitions are some of the key themes this webinar explores.

Meet our Speakers

Meet The Speakers

Dr. Ramanan Ramanathan
Dr. Ramanan Ramanathan
Former (First) Mission Director Atal Innovation Mission, Former Additional Secretary at NITI Aayog
Prof. Dinesh Prasad Saklani
Prof. Dinesh Prasad Saklani
Director, NCERT & Chairperson, NCTE    
Dr. B P Suneja
Dr. B P Suneja
Former Dean (FOEA) and University Coordinator (NEP & UHV), Rajasthan Technical Univeraity, Kota
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Moderated by

Puneet Sharma

Anchor – DD National
Technical Educational Expert
Registrar & Dean Academics – Rajadhani Engineering College, Jaipur

Details of the webinar

Webinar Theme: Back to School
Day & Date: Saturday, 21 May 2022
Time: 5 PM onwards