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Frequently Asked Questions

Uncover answers to your most pressing questions about Deetya’s groundbreaking digital platform and its transformative impact on education. Explore our comprehensive FAQ section to gain insights into customization, teacher support, and the innovative ‘Keep an Eye’ feature empowering educators and students alike.

Deetya is an integrated digital platform developed by Trigyn Technologies, designed to digitally transform educational institutes and revolutionize the learning landscape. It empowers students and teachers with personalized learning experiences, actionable insights, and innovative features like “Keep an Eye” functionality and “Language Translator – Deetya Linguistics,” ensuring equitable education and nurturing future leaders in the digital era.

Absolutely! Deetya’s flexibility allows for seamless customization, catering to the specific requirements and goals of each educational institution. Whether it’s integrating existing systems, tailoring content, or adapting to diverse teaching methodologies, Deetya can be personalized to enhance the learning experience and optimize educational outcomes.

Deetya has already made a significant impact on various educational institutions globally. It has been successfully implemented in notable universities like Banasthali Vidyapith, enabling personalized learning, improved teacher-student interactions, and enhanced performance tracking. As a result, students thrive in a collaborative environment, while educators gain invaluable insights to drive continuous improvement.

Deetya places paramount importance on supporting teachers as the key drivers of educational transformation. The platform equips them with valuable tools like the “Keep an Eye” feature, alerting them to students needing attention, and “Deetya Linguistics,” breaking language barriers for effective communication. With actionable data and insights at their disposal, teachers can focus on nurturing each student’s potential and providing personalized guidance on their learning journey.

No, Deetya is a teaching learning platform upon which courses could be created or curated by the management or faculty. Based on Deetya we have two platforms TeachPro+ (this is a teacher training platform and offers various certified courses) and other one is BeKaabil (this is a skilling platform, specially targeted at students who want to be ahead of the curve). Do check out those websites.

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