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Prioritize learning teaching   with Deetya

Deetya was developed after gaining a deep understanding of the factors that keep teachers and students from attaining the best learning.
With Deetya, teachers can direct maximum time and efforts on teaching while we take care of everything else – scheduling, attendance, reporting, announcements and more.
The biggest challenge for students is to learn in a way that they are most comfortable with. Some may prefer collaborative learning, some like to learn alone. Some are visual learners, some are audio learners. Deetya adapts to the learning needs of every student to ensure complete understanding and engagement with the subject.

Why Deetya?

Why Deetya?

Teachers and students of today are caught in the struggle of learning to use different technology and tools. Many of these tools are complicated and end up taking more time. Deetya’s fluidity, simplicity and linear workflow empowers every teacher and student to enable smart learning with optimal efficiency and outcomes from day one.

What’s more, Deetya is ClassLink enabled. That makes it possible to seamlessly integrate Deetya with all 6000 partner platforms of ClassLink simply by clicking a button.
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Immersive. Engaging. Collaborative

Deetya makes life easier for Teachers

A user-friendly interface
Intuitive and neat UI for easy navigation, increased work speed and efficiency
Simple and highly automatable
Auto-management of tasks – attendance, reporting, scheduling and more
Analytics for informed decisions
Insightful dashboard to gauge performance, identify problems areas and solutions
Innovative solution
Engaged students through innovative lesson delivery and creative content
Flexible, reliable online learning
Communicate with students anytime in one-to-one or one-to-many mode
Personalized learning
Enabling teachers to give attention to every student to ensure high performance
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Educate. Inspire. Innovate

Deetya makes life easier for Students.Flexible, reliable online learning solution.

Personalized learning paths for holistic development and improved results
Share and collaborate on group projects , and interact with faculty and peers
Accessible and Engaging
24×7 Access to course content, performance reports and recorded sessions
Skill-driven and application-based learning to prepare students for life
Social Connect
Study collaboratively and build social connect with peers and faculty
Real-time Management
Real-time alerts, notifications and announcements from teachers and management
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Deetya’s Learning Philosophy

We believe complete learning is pervasive perceptive personal


Learning that resonates with life.

Bridging the gap between academics and industry, that is theory and practice, is a big challenge. Deetya’s pervasive learning approach mirrors the way of life.
On-demand resources with 24x7 access – students can learn when they are most productive, not when they have to
Seamless integration with other tools – reducing the struggle of working with multiple tools
Pedagogy that suits all kinds of learners – takes care of every level of learning ability
Impactful assessment techniques – mapping of results/outcomes with desired learning goals
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Learning pathways driven by student behaviour.

Deetya learns about the learning patterns, behaviours and performance of students and translates that data to personalized adaptive and predictive learning models for each student. To maximize the understanding, engagement and learning outcome for each student, we need to break away from one-size-fits-all approach. Understanding each student’s style and preferences is crucial in helping them learn better. It’s impossible for teachers and students to do this on their own. But, with Deetya, this becomes possible.
Tracking and measuring learner’s understanding
Suggestive content to enhance learning outcomes
Insightful dashboards to help teachers gauge understanding levels of students
Guide for teachers to switch between teaching styles


Freedom to learn and teach in one’s own style.

Forced learning leads to shallow understanding and loss of interest in learning. Instead, having the freedom and flexibility to learn how they want, when they want and with whom they want can prove to be a massive game changer for students to attain the highest learning outcomes. This is where Deetya plays a significant role. It inspires students and teachers to learn and teach the way they want.
Diverse tools that play to each individual’s strengths
Flexibility to implement one’s preferred learning/teaching techniques and methods
Unique goal setting and tracking for each student
Building a community of inspired and engaged learners
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Deetya Users: K - 12 Higher Education Government Corporate

Build thriving learning environment at K – 12 schools in virtual, in-person and hybrid classroom settings. 24X7 Accessibility, easy scheduling, syllabus management and real-time communication between students, teachers and parents work towards improving the operational efficiency of digital schools.

Deetya enables universities and colleges to meet the evolving needs of higher education through innovation and technology. For example, collaborative and cooperative learning. Personalized learning pathways and analytics contribute to engaged and immersive learning experience for students. With Deetya’s unified platform, universities can manage all their programs on a single portal.

Deetya helps government-backed organizations and agencies to implement and manage learning programs of any scale, from anywhere. Governments can gauge the success and performances of learning programs using Deetya’s insightful dashboards to improve their effectiveness. Multiple learning programs can be managed in parallel on Deetya. Its user-friendly interface works well for users that are not tech-savvy.

With Deetya, corporates can manage all their L&D operations on a single platform. In addition to managing training, L&D managers can also manage course content, performance and evaluations on the portal. Trainers, learners and managers can access, communicate and collaborate on Deetya to discuss all aspects of the course. Rubrics to measure post-training performance and outcome makes Deetya super beneficial in corporate settings.

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At Deetya, we help you transform learning. Here are a few of our clients who are innovating teaching and learning with Deetya.