Managed Service  Connected Systems

We help institutes to connect all the educational data systems and enable seamless data exchange.

Empowers Teachers, Students & Administrators

Deetya offers bespoke managed services for any activity related to educational technology, support, content development and management. We work with you to understand your specific requirements, objectives, and budgeting to devise cost-effective custom offerings that meet your needs.

Our technology expertise blended with our content development proficiency and our collective experience in implementing top-drawer edtech services are the reasons why you can trust us with your learning ambitions.

Single Window
Deetya offers complete IT and Technology managed service for universities. We help universities to develop and nurture the technology ecosystem, and to build a more transparent, data driven culture.
Working Together
Deetya would also work with the stakeholders to understand the issues, address them by developing modules as and when required
Digital First
We help the institute undergo a complete digital transformation without additional investments.
One Team
Deetya would also work with the university to ensure there is no hassle in implementing the application. We would also have our coordinators posted in campus (for a certain period), to ensure the adaption of the entire tech ecosystem.
Command Center
Deetya would set up a Command Center to manage and protect the IT Infrastructure (including Computers, Network), and Intellectual Content.
Custom Development
Deetya also offers LMS customization, deployment and maintenance for its clients
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