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Deetya is an edTech venture of Trigyn Technologies to reimagine reshape reinvent the way education is imparted in today's digital world.

The purpose of education is to empower learners

When the world has changed so rapidly in the last few decades, how can education be immune to change? To make today’s education relevant, impactful and meaningful in today’s digital-age, we need to reimagine, rethink and reshape education. Deetya is education reimagined. Moving away from traditional concepts of learning that are increasingly become less and less effective today, Deetya believes in taking a novel approach towards education. Deetya is an integrated digital school and learning platform that allows educational institutes and corporate academies to deliver powerful learning to their students through their army of skilled faculty. Deetya is built for all those of you who learn, help learn and manage learning.

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Established in 1986

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Meet Trigyn, the organization behind Deetya

Trigyn Technologies has grown to become a leader in helping organizations of all sizes build a sustainable competitive advantage using technology enabling them to thrive. Trigyn is a global organization with active engagements in 25 countries spanning 5 continents. With more than 2,000 experienced professionals deployed, Trigyn is the trusted partner of Fortune 500 companies, governments, international governmental bodies, public sector agencies and not-for-profit entities. Trigyn has always supported innovation and development, and strongly believes that building a robust education system using the power of technology is the need of the hour. Deetya is backed by the expertise of Trigyn Technologies which stems from 3 decades of experience in the technology ecosystem. Trigyn has successfully completed a prestigious project for the Andhra Pradesh Government which involved setting up 4000 Virtual Classrooms, and another one which included setting up of 125+ Smart Classes for Banaras Hindu University (BHU). Trigyn has also developed an educator’s platform to support the growth and excellence of teaching professionals with world-class courses, resources and community. Experience the new-age learning with Deetya.